The Cube works with young people with disabilities who live, work, study or play in Auckland. We aim to support young people and their families to participate in education, health, recreation and employment activities, contributing to a strong sense of belonging and pride in their community.

The Cube team works to secure the best possible outcomes for young people through collaborative, innovative and inclusive service provision, and are committed to the following principles when working with young people;

  • Consultation: We will consult with young people about events, programs and issues that will affect them.
  • Inclusion: We will value and include young people in the decision making process.
  • Respect: We will respect young people in the decision making process.
  • Acceptance: We will accept what young people have to say.
  • Equality: We will treat young people as equals.

The Cube partners have been working together to create a shared vision, a plan for service development and an agreement to work together, in a collaborative partnership model. The Cube, being a new model of support, will enable young people with disabilities to make informed individual choices, improving their life prospects.


Young people are informed and empowered to make choices about services that best meet their needs and enable them to lead meaningful lives.


The Cube will:

  1. develop a collaborative partnership between services that will create best practice
  2. provide a forum to support service innovation and development.
  3. enable young people to make informed individual choices and connects them to community and services.


  • To raise awareness of services for young people and improve access and participation
  • To create a flexible and responsive service model that continues to evolve
  • To actively involve and engage Young People in the development and delivery of the new service model, the ‘CUBE’
  • To develop shared service standards and principles of good practice
  • To deliver a high level of service through the CUBE
  • To model leadership and innovation to the Youth and Disability Sectors
  • To provide transparent and effective communication across all services

Youth Engagement

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