Achilles Hope and Possibility Fun Run – 19th February 2012

The 5 KM Hope and Possibility event is an opportunity for people with and without disabilities at all levels of fitness to compete together in a mainstream event. Participants range from Paralympic hopefuls, to recently wounded veterans, to severely disabled individuals taking part in their first athletic endeavour. Each has the opportunity to be active and achieve – consistent with Achilles’ mission that athletic success leads to increased aspiration in all areas of life.

To coincide with Achilles Hope and Possibility we are looking to create a fun run that can become a symbolic and festive closure to the completion of students’ time in our Achilles Kids program.

We have the ability to focus on their strength, empower and motivate them to live life to the max! We believe (that when run successfully) Hope @ Possibility and Achilles Kids programs can result in significant attitudinal changes towards people with disabilities.

With the New Zealand census identifying that one in five New Zealanders are living with disability, any events that bridge the gaps of diversity have got to make the world a better place.

Achilles New Zealand is excited about our future and the change than can occur through the implementation of Hope @ Possibility and Achilles Kids.

Through seeing people with disabilities make tremendous gains physically, intellectually and socially through physical activities we want to see more people pushing their barriers, enjoying the outdoors and increasing their ability. Hope @ Possibility and Achilles kids gives us the means to promote our vision and get more people partaking in our events and more people familiar with Achilles International.

For more information and to sign up go to Achilles New Zealand’s Facebook page at the following link

Date: 19th February 2012

Time: 10am till 1pm

Venue: North Harbour Stadium, Stadium Drive, Albany