Jordon’s Climb for Awareness

A sleepless night could be blamed for Jordon Milroy’s crazy challenge idea. In the early hours of the morning there is a tendency to welcome thoughts from the left field, like climbing the stairs of Auckland’s, 328 metre high, Sky Tower and bungee jumping off the top, which is a 192 metre drop.

Most people would leave these crazy thoughts on the pillow but Jordon, who usually uses a walker to get around and a motorised wheelchair for long distances, has adopted the idea and is working towards making it a reality.

In March of 2012 he is going to climb those 1,029 steps. His main motivation is to raise awareness. “Many believe that disabled individuals are incapable, fragile and unable to do what most people take for granted,” said Jordon who is determined to change that stereotype.

Jordon is quite used to challenges as he spent the first 17 years of his life in Samoa, where wheelchairs and other disability resources are scarce. Fortunately he had great family support who encouraged him to live a life of quality. At times his community didn’t want to know. For example when he first attempted mainstream education teachers didn’t want him in their class, as they were afraid he might bite someone. As so often happens in the disabled community he had to educate others.

He watched his brothers and sister immigrate overseas to gain employment and he wanted to do the same. Jordon
ended up at Mt Roskill grammar from year 11 to year13 where he became a prefect and mentor.

After leaving school he went back to Mt Roskill to conduct Disability Awareness seminars. He wants to expand these awareness sessions to other schools and to the wider community and make the exercise into a Disability road show. He enrolled as a mentee of Carabiner, that marvellous mentoring service run by Cam Calkoen, where he expressed his ambitions. Carabiner is helping with sponsorship for the Auckland climb which will raise Jordon’s profile and ambitions.
In preparation for the climb, in March, Jordon goes to the gym four days a week where he can bench press his own body weight of 70kgs. He also takes advantage of living close to Liverpool Street, which happens to be the steepest street in Auckland. Learn more about Jordon’s climb and become one of his many supporters by visiting his face book page