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Participation Principles 

To keep the information on this site safe and friendly for all users, we’ve provided some simple guidelines to keep in mind when you are submitting your feedback, stories, articles or information via the various submission mechanisms on this site.

Information submitted on this site is assessed for its relevance, validity and appropriateness for the site. While we aim to publish as much information that is submitted as we can, we will not publish feedback or information that:

  • Uses language or express ideas that are harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory or obscene
  • Is racially, sexually, ethnically or otherwise objectionable
  • Makes a personal attack at a named individual – feel free to question opinions or ideas, just not people
  • Is illegal
  • Is deemed to be spam
  • Makes any false claim to represent a person or organisation

While we try to publish all submissions we receive, sometimes we won’t be able to include absolutely everything (especially if it flaunts the above guidelines!) and we don’t respond to every submission individually. Submitting your feedback, article or information does not guarantee its publication on the site.

Links to other sites 

On pages where we link to other sites, The Cube or any of its associated partners are not affiliated with those sites and has no control over, and is not responsible for, their content, privacy practice or other policies.

Editorial policy 

The information provided on this site is posted at the discretion of The Cube and its Editorial Team. The site publishes articles, feedback and information that we believe to be of value, relevance and interest to young people. This is driven by the feedback we receive from young people and the content that young people contribute to the site.

All views and opinions contained in articles or information do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Cube.

Personal information 

We are committed to protecting the privacy of every individual’s personal information by complying with our obligations under the Information Privacy Act 1993. Our approach to protecting the personal information of people who submit feedback, articles or information via the site’s submission forms are outlined on our

We also outline this approach via a Collection Statement. This statement is presented on any forms on this site that request personal information.

You can access our website home page and browse our site without disclosing personal information.