The Really Big Kinda Massive Meetup

The Yes Disabilty Resource Centre invites you to the Really Big Kinda Massive Meet Up!

It’s Facebook live…

An epic networking event for young people, people with disabilitie, family, whanau, service providers and generally cool people to connect with really big brands making a massive difference for people with disabilities and the community.

Each presenter will be sprinting through their powerful presentation in 7 minutes, empowering you with clarity as to how they can be a part of your life.

An event exploding with inspiration, information, innovation and cohesion, there is a lot for you to ‘like’ on the 30th March 2012.

Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Time: 10am till 12:30am

Location: Auckland Civic Theatre

RSVP to Cam Calkoen on 09 414 5360 or